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Celebrate Smile Month: 5 Reasons To Give A Gift

World Smile Day is commemorated on the first Friday in October each year, although it should be celebrated more often as one of our goals in life should be to smile every day . This is what the author of this date, Harvey Ball, thought, a commercial artist who became famous for designing the smiley face that is used today as an emoji in social networks and advertisements.

After Ball’s death in 2001, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation made the commitment to continue World Smile Day, and this is how thousands of people around the world today celebrate this date with acts of kindness or, simply, giving someone reason to smile.

The history

Harvey Ball gained recognition for the smiley face he designed in the 1960s, which was soon marketed around the world – not exactly with the intentions Ball originally had in mind.

The goal of the smiley face was to become a symbol of goodwill and sympathy. However, as design became fashionable, its true essence also began to fade.

Seeing this, Ball came up with launching a World Smile Day to reconnect people with the true meaning of the symbol, and promote good deeds around the world regardless of geographic boundaries, politics or religion.

The first World Smile Day was celebrated in 1999.

Reasons to smile every day

To celebrate World Smile Day, we have prepared a list of the benefits of smiling –– and also laughing out loud–– for human health:

  • It is easier to relate to others. When we smile at a stranger or a colleague at work, we make establishing a social bond easier. The smile projects us as accessible and friendly people, and we may even “spread” our optimism to others (due to how mirror neurons work).
  • We release positive hormones. When we laugh, we release large amounts of dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin. It is these hormones that make us instantly happier.
  • Improve labor productivity. Feeling more satisfied leads to better performance and productivity at work, as energy reservoirs recharge and others form a very positive impression of us. This means that we have greater job advancement opportunities, better income and a better quality of life in general.
  • Stress levels decrease. The smile makes you forget about the problems that harm your heart health and blood pressure. Also, your circulation improves and your muscles relax.
  • You may live longer. All of the above benefits suggest that the more you smile, the greater your chances of living a longer life compared to people who smile little.

With these benefits in mind, celebrate World Smile Day by putting on your best face and helping those around you enjoy life.

The bigger the obstacles, the bigger the change that the simple act of opening up to smile more often can make to your lifestyle.

There is no better remedy for sorrows and difficult moments than a smile from the heart.

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