Would you like to know what SEO is?

Would you like to know what SEO is?

This is a seemingly complicated process shrouded in great mystery by SEO specialists who know how to make a website appear high in search results. It turns out, however digital marketing companies, that SEO is a fairly simple tool for getting traffic from Google. In the case of small businesses, it is usually enough to follow the simple rules described in this guide. Learn the basics that will help you understand the entire process of optimizing a website in organic search results.

You can come across a large number of SEO-related articles on the internet, covering many aspects of website optimization for search engines. Some of them are really good, but are often written in a language incomprehensible to the average recipient. You don’t need to know the details and industry terms to find out what SEO (or positioning) really is and be able to use this knowledge in cooperation with other people or companies. This article provides the basics to help you understand the entire process of optimizing a website for organic search results. For the importance of seo this is important.

What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

How to gain customers thanks to Google?

SEO basics The first step to understanding SEO is understanding how Google works. Why Google? This search engine is responsible for over 95% of queries asked by Poles. It can be said that it is almost a monopolist on the search engine market in our country. This is why the pages are optimized according to Google’s guidelines.

Google answers the questions, but you give the answers – simple SEO rule

The principle of operation of Google can be reduced to one simple sentence, this search engine answers the questions of its users. Do you need information about a certain place? Are you looking for a restaurant? Do you want to buy new shoes? Most likely, you will use a search engine in each case to help you solve the problem. We use search engines even when we are in stationary stores and want to compare prices or check opinions about a given product. 

Google is making huge money from advertising presented alongside search results. The increase in searches increases the amount of ads and therefore Google’s profits. No wonder that the company is constantly improving its algorithms to best answer our questions. Ultimately, the idea is for the user to get a satisfactory answer after entering the keyword and possibly click on the ad displayed next to it.

SEO Trends for 2020 | Digital Menta

So how do you make your website among the most relevant answers?

The solution is trivial in its assumption. It is enough for you to answer this question on your website in a satisfactory way for the user and convince Google that your answer is the most accurate. While the question of answering a user’s query seems simple, convincing Google to show your page is more complex. This is the job for SEO – proper preparation and promotion of the content of the page can make Google consider it valuable and present it, for example, on the first page of search results.

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