Tera May! Yet another day for us to remember that we all belong to each other! Birthdays of our dear ones are always special and if it is of your master’s birthday?  You want to make that day as special as possible in whatever way you can, isn’t it?

Let us make the most of this special day by going deeply into ourselves and realize the beauty in us. Bangalore ashram has organized a wide range of programs during the Birthday week.  Go ahead and register for a program of your choice and flash the most beautiful smile on that very special day in our lives!


Advanced Meditation Program - 7 Days

Rest and happiness make a real holiday. Often people go on a holiday and they come back tired and tanned, needing a few more days to recuperate.

It is ideal to take one week off every year for yourself, like you take your car for servicing. During that time, align yourself with nature, do some exercise, eat proper food, do some yoga, some breathing exercises, being in silence. Aligning yourselves with nature, your whole system gets recharged, it makes the whole year. We feel so vibrant and enthusiastic.


Blessing Program

The Blessing Program is a subtle yet powerful program that includes unique processes and meditations designed to take the individual to a deep state of gratitude and fullness. Participants report that they feel the tremendous grace that flows through them.


Part II Program

The part 2 program is designed for cleansing your body and mind thoroughly and to totally refresh and renew you.  Join the part 2 program in the presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar during His birthday week.  What better time to be in ashram! Get soaked in the joy of celebrations!


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