Sahaj Samadhi Meditation 

There are several scientific and spiritual benefits of meditation yet for many people, reaching a meditative state does not come easy. Thankfully, there’s something called Sahaj Samadhi, a simple technique that aids the participant in reaching the relaxing meditative state simply, and gracefully. 

The word Sahaj means ‘easy’ while ‘Samadhi’ means meditation. Hence Sahaj Samadhi is a beautiful method to slip into deep meditation effortlessly.


What does Sahaj Samadhi Involve?

The participant is taught to use a simple secret sound which invokes a deep state of relaxation and helps them reach a state of meditation. As the mind reaches this meditative state, stress disappears, decision making is improved and people experience more clarity in life. Regular practice of Sahaj Samadhi has several physical and mental health benefits.


Eligibility: 16 Years and Above

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